Hello, my name is

Jason Thibeault

Marketer, Executive, Technologist, Writer, Photographer, Idea Guy

About me

I am a proven marketing and technology executive with the skills and experience to build products, build brands, and build companies.

Books, whitepapers, websites, communities, campaigns, leadership, strategies, code, and more.

My experience speaks for me. I have spent years of my career as a software developer, then engineer, then architect. When I was bitten by the marketing bug, I shifted to developing content for the type software companies for which I built software before. In between, I started companies, raised millions, published books, received patents, and worked with VCs to evaluate new opportunities. I am currently the Executive Director of the Streaming Video Technology Alliance, the world’s largest international technical association dedicated to streaming video.

My hands-on experience runs across multiple programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, C++), the ins-and-outs of product and corporate marketing (and the systems needed to manage content marketing and marketing automation), and developing all sorts of content such as whitepapers, blogs, e-books, infographics, and web pages for demand- and lead-gen activities.

What I do

I can build websites, create content marketing strategies, re-position and re-brand products, build organizations, implement marketing automation, model startup financials, write long- and short-form content, and everything in between.

Marketing Strategy

From developing content briefs, to creating ICPs, to building content calendars, campaigns, and drip marketing approaches, I have proven experience throughout the entire marketing and sales workflow for both generating short-term leads and long-term relationships.

Executive Leadership

I have provided proven leadership that has resulted in clear and positive results. Whether that's as a CTO, defining and bringing a product to market, or CEO, growing a customer base and setting direction within the market, I know how to motivate, guide, and ultimate run successful teams.

Product Development

Starting with just the "back of a napkin," I can bring ideas to MVPs and then manage their launch and growth in the market. I have proven experience throughout the product development and management lifecycle.

Branding and Positioning

Ideation. Conceptualization. Implementation. From logo design to brand value development to messaging, I can develop the complete package of how your market sees your company or product.

Content Creation

You need long- and short-form content. You want blogs, infographics, whitepapers, e-books, and social posts to drive lead generation for your pipeline and demand generation to build value in the conversations that are important to your customers. I can write, design, optimize, and develop the content you need.

Software Engineering

Although I can code (in a variety of languages), my skills are more attuned to engineering: creating the flow-throughs, architecture, classes, and components which define how software works. I understand scalability, redundancy, and virtualization to ensure a modern software stack.

Website Development and Maintenance

Whether you have an existing website that needs an expert's guidance, wan to rebuild what you have, or need to start from scratch, I can help you take your ideas to a high-performant, secure, reliable WordPress-based website. Once it's launched, I can make sure your site stays updated and up-and-running.


A sampling of some of the tangible things I can do.


Brainstorming, ideation 100%
Strategy, finances, technlogy 95%
GTM, strategy, financial 85%
Pitch deck, revenue modeling 90%
Technology, marketing, GTM 100%
Project Management
Planning, visualization, variance 90%
Data Analysis
Schemas, pivots, dashboards 90%
Market Research
Questionnaire, collection, analysis 90%


Plugin dev, theme building, tuning 90%
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Configuration, setup, pages 85%
Google Analytics
Setup, configuration, funnels 80%
Microsoft Suite
Word, Visio, Excel, Powerpoint 100%
Setup, optimization, management 85%
Confluence, ITSM 75%


Writing and Editing
Drafting, copy editing, proof reading 100%


Some of the results that I have achieved in various roles.

SVTA (Executive)

Member company growth (2016 to 2024)
Revenue growth (2016 to 2024)
0 %


Rather than replicate everything that’s already been collected on LinkedIn, just visit my profile to read about my experience.

Important Projects

This marketing book, published through Wiley, provides practical techniques (through numerous industry interviews and analysis) on how to forge relationships through digital channels.

Executive Director at the Streaming Video Technology Alliance where I’m responsible for day-to-day operations, growth, and strategy. I report directly to the board of directors.

The last startup that I co-founded in 2016. Recently re-positioned to a Data-as-a-Service Platform.

My consulting company providing a variety of marketing and technical services to large and small companies. You can access a number of past projects in the portfolio.

My debut novel, An Ordinary Magic, is a magic realist novel set in a fictional Caribbean village.

I am not all just about work! I am an avid photographer, taking most of my pictures during my travels around the world.

My blog discussing everything from quantum mechanics to time travel to startups and life in general.

The escritorum is a site featuring all of my writing including current poetry, short stories, novels, and thoughts on the craft.